Taipei Exchange has always been the “cradle for innovative enterprises and driver of economic vitality”. The establishment of the Operational Property Transaction Service Platform (hereinafter called the “Platform”) is a service platform that provides supply and demand information on operational properties that include intellectual property rights, spun-off departments, technical teams, or companies to be acquired. By setting up the Operational Property Transaction Service Platform, Taipei Exchange hopes to link up the Platform with listed, TPEx and emerging stock counter companies. Such link-up will effectively increase the size of operational property transactions, and will further invigorate Taiwan’s technological industry. Exchange & TPEx listed and emerging stock counter companies are can also utilise the Platform to raise capital, obtain technology, recruit technical teams, or acquire other companies to grow their operations. At the same time, by strengthening their operational properties, companies can build a stronger research & development teams to achievement their corporate objectives of sustainability and value maximisation.

      The Platform also provides appropriate information disclosure channel to enable intermediaries such as securities dealers to obtain the relevant information on foreign issuers intending to list in Taiwan, as well as the necessary assistance.

1. Wide Range of Transaction Objects
Transaction objects include assets and information such as intellectual property rights, technical teams & departments, and acquired enterprises, which are categorised into different industries for ease of search by buyers.
2. Broad Customer Base
Listed and TPEx companies and companies on the emerging stock board companies are qualified members of the Platform. Information transmission facilitates transaction by enabling them to find suitable buyers more easily.
3. Free Service
This platform is provided free of charge. Buyers and sellers who need to use the Platform may apply to be a member.
4. Information Exchange
Provides information on sellers’ assets intended for sale as well as information of foreign companies intending to list in Taiwan; the relevant guidance and advisory organisations may utilise the platform to enhance their business opportunities, and foreign enterprises may locate advising securities dealers and accounts by searching the Platform’s members’ information.